Referral Process and Form

Have you read our Recovery Service Information Handbook?

Richmond Wellbeing's Recovery Service Information Handbook aims to assist prospective consumers in their application for services with our organisation.  The handbook is a guide only, and should be read carefully prior to making an application for services. 

Please view or download our Recovery Accommodation Information Handbook

If you require a copy sent to you by Australia Post, please contact our Head Office on 9350 8800 and we will forward a copy to you as soon as possible.

The referral process

Social services, government and non-government agencies can refer people to Richmond Wellbeing (RW). A referral form can be completed by a family member.

Richmond Wellbeing has policies and procedures which protect your personal information. We ask for your permission before we collect, use or share your information with anyone for any purpose, other than providing care.

In the referral process your information is sent to Richmond Wellbeing to help determine your eligibility for our services. This information will include your social, medical and psychological information. The process then consists of the following steps:

  • Your referral form is received at Head Office;
  • Within 5 working days, our staff will contact your referring case manager to acknowledge receipt of the referral and will let them know if, on initial assessment, your application matches RW criteria;
  • Our staff at the referred service will make an assessment on suitability through an interview with you and also through further discussions with other stakeholders. Where preference is indicated for a particular program, RW will try to meet the request;
  • Following the assessment RW staff will contact your case manager to discuss the outcome of the referral (i.e. accept, wait list or declined).
  • Referrals to the Bunbury and Busselton Community Supported Residential Units (CSRU's) and PaRK Service (Peel, Rockingham and Kwinana) will be assessed by a selection panel.

If you are accepted into the service, then our staff will liaise with the case manager regarding:

  • a move in date, for residential services or;
  • a start date for non-residential services

Referral Form

A referral form can be completed by anybody - yourself, a family member, case manager or a mental health service provider.
Please phone RW and ask to discuss these programs with our Intake Officer, as some may require a mental health diagnosis.

Download the Residential Referral Form HERE 
  > Download the Referral Form for Ngulla Mia HERE 
  > Download the Referral Form for Recovery House HERE
Download the Outreach Referral Form HERE
> Download the Membership Form for Albany Fellowship House HERE
Download the Carer Program Referral Form HERE

Acceptance into a program is based on an assessment of your support needs and wishes, eligibility for outreach service area and for residential services, as well as your compatibility with current participants.

Referrals should be directed to:
Richmond Wellbeing
PO Box 682
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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