Recovery Outreach Services – Mental Health Support

The Recovery Outreach Services, otherwise referred to as ROS, provides mental health support for people who are exiting Richmond Fellowship residential supported accommodation sites. It is a natural extension of our service to assist people with transitioning from staffed residential living to independent community based living.

The aim of ROS is to support individuals living in the community to develop skills which will enable those individuals to take ownership and responsibility of many aspects of their lives, become more independent and therefore less dependent upon staff over time.

The program offers one-on-one support, encouragement and assistance to individuals, so those individuals can participate actively in day to day living in the community. The service provided is flexible and responsive to individual needs and the activities undertaken are in accordance with an individual progress plan. Individuals will be assisted in developing and maintaining skills required for daily living, improving personal and social interactions and increasing participation in community life and activities.

The role of ROS is that of psychosocial support, which may include:

  • Education in mental health recovery focussed approaches.
  • Assistance with accommodation, moving, acquiring furnishings and other essential household items.
  • Organisation of household tasks (e.g. cooking, budgeting/managing finances, shopping etc).
  • Orientation to the local community and community services (e.g. use of public transport, shopping centers etc.).
  • Assisting individuals to participate in leisure, recreational, social, educational, and/or vocational activities, depending upon the individual’s interests and abilities.
  • Advocacy with other organisations and services.
  • Individual counselling.
  • Skill development, including encouragement of natural skills & interests, coping strategies & living skills.
  • Referral to other suitable services as needed.

The target group is adults over 18 years of age with a severe and persistent mental health diagnosis who require varying types, levels and durations of support to maintain tenure in their living environments and to achieve a good quality of life. Services are provided to people in the target group who will be residing in independent accommodation in the North (East Health Service Area) and South Metropolitan Mental Health Service Regions. The length of support which people can be offered in the ROS program is between 3 and 6 months.

RW staff can refer people/consumers internally to ROS. The referral form can be completed by RW staff and they can also download the Application for Services from the Outreach section of the RFWA website.


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