PHaMs Frequently Asked Questions

What is that Personal Helpers and Mentors Program (PHaMs)?

Our PHaMs program is an initiative of the Federal Government, and aims to provide support recovery for people who are living in the community with a severe mental illness that is causing them significant functional impairment.

We provide a holistic service taking into account all aspects of a person's life. We help them to overcome social isolation and increase their participation in the community.

The PHaMs program is important because mental illness is one of Australia's most serious health challenges which continue to affect many Australians every day, either personally or through someone they know.


What does it offer?

The program takes a person-centered recovery approach where we target the person's strengths rather than their deficits. At RW we believe that people can and do recover from mental illness and that with support they will gain hope to work towards this recovery.

Our staff will assist people to:

  • Develop life skills that will help them manage their day-to-day living, such as self-care, household chores, shopping, and taking public transport.

  • Reconnect with the community and the workforce.

  • Re-establish relationships with family and friends.

  • Access specialized services and clinics for additional support, such as drug and alcohol programs and medical support.

  • Receive direct and individualized help through outreach services.

  • Enroll into educational or vocational institutions for further studies.

When you apply for our services, our staff will work with you to develop goals and strategies to achieve the above and anything else that you wish to include. Our individualised service is in accordance with core values of hope, quality, flexibility, commitment and relationships.


Who will benefit and how do they register with PHaMs?

The program assists people aged 16 years and over whose ability to manage their daily activities and to live independently in the community is affected by a severe mental illness. Because a diagnosis is not required, clients can self-refer to PHaMs or be referred by family or service providers.

Download a copy of our Referral Forms for PHaMs if you wish to refer someone to our program.


Where is the program offered?

The RW program is offered in the Bentley and Midland-Guildford areas. For full details of the locations we cover, please download a copy of our RW PHaMs Locations Brochure.

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