Mental Health Accommodation

RW offers a range of accommodation services available, depending on the level of mental health recovery support required.

Our Accommodation Services include:

Community Options - Kelmscott

Community Supported Residential Units - South West

Short Term Residential

Dual Diagnosis

Long-term Residential

Recovery House

Ngulla Mia (Our Place)

Peel and Rockingham Kwinana

Our Recovery Focus

At RW we operate to support ‘Personal Recovery’ this is about creating or rebuilding a meaningful life, for some this means emotional healing, for others this is about rebuilding after trauma, or, as Rachel Perkins says personal recovery is “discovering and using your own resources and resourcefulness, finding a new sense of self, meaning and purpose - growing within and beyond what has happened to you”.

Being diagnosed with a mental illness doesn’t mean that you need to give up on life, hopes and dreams. We have found that people access RW services because there are changes they want to make to their quality of life and to stretch and grow beyond where they currently are at.

At RW, our staff work with you, providing encouragement and support to achieve your ideas dreams and aspirations for a ‘good life’ sometimes described as ‘a meaningful contributing life’.

We work from a strengths approach – that is, working to support people to recognise their strengths and come to see themselves as having agency (control) over their own life.

The aim of RW services is to become redundant in people’s lives – that is, we recognise that life does not revolve around us as workers – we are a small part of people’s lives for a short time (hopefully). We work alongside you to enable you to become self-empowered, building your strength and determination to pursue the life you want for you.

Applications for RW are assessed in accordance with information provided on your Application for Services Form. This includes additional information supplied by any person lodging the application on your behalf.

To apply for our services, you must be 18yrs or older and linked in with a mental health service, a private psychiatrist or are supported by a GP in the community.

Please check the Referral Forms and Process for further information


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