Hearing Voices Network

What is Hearing Voices Network?

One definition of a Hearing Voices Network (HVN) is that it is a collection of Hearing Voices Groups and affiliated members (such as service providers, consumers, carers and friends) working toward promoting recovery, acceptance and education about hearing voices outside of a biomedical framework. Commonly, their role is to enable acceptance of hearing voices and promote recovery for people who hear distressing voices. Frequently, this is achieved through support for self-help groups, innovative programs, education into the Hearing Voices Approach and raising awareness.

About Hearing Voices Network Australia and Hearing Voices Network WA

Hearing Voices Network Australia logoIn 2005, Richmond Wellbeing (Richmond Fellowship WA at the time) brought International Training Consultants Ron Coleman (Voice Hearer & Recovery Specialist) and Karen Taylor (Recovery specialist) from Scotland (Working to Recovery) to Perth to deliver a series of Recovery workshops. Ron's support and encouragement to begin a Hearing Voices Network resulted in two consumers and some RW recovery champions asking RW to take the innovative step of auspicing the development of Hearing Voices Network Australia (HVNA). Without hesitation, the new CEO and RW Board did just that.  Since then, Richmond Wellbeing has supported this consumer driven venture and remains committed to its ongoing development and ultimate roll out across the country.

HVc smallIn 2012, due to the successful growth of State based Hearing Voices Networks emerging across Australia, the role of HVNA entered an evolutionary phase standing as a doorway to the development of a National Australian Network, one day will serves all states.
This shift, along with MHC funding, has enabled the formalisation of the Hearing Voices Network WA (HVNWA), which has been present since 2005.  HVNWA is a RW program and a resource for people living in Western Australia who hear voices and a place for the voice-hearing community to access relevant information via training, workshops and hearing voices support groups.

To read more please visit the Hearing Voices Network Australia or Hearing Voices Network WA.

Participate In Research

A representative from the University of Surrey is doing a research study to explore people‚Äôs experiences of recurrent visual hallucinations.  Click here for more information.

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