Carer Services - Caring for Carers

The role of the Carer and their families is integral to the lives of those with serious mental health difficulties, and caring for a loved one can be a difficult and lonely journey. Richmond Wellbeing (RW) offers Carers two support programs:

Carer Respite

Carer Respite is a non-residential Australian Government program that provides support to the Carer by providing them with a break from their responsibility by engaging the care recipient in a number of enjoyable, stimulating and sometimes challenging activities.

Short Term Respite - Westminster

Short Term Respite  delivers support to the Carer by allowing them to take a break from their supportive role. We do this by offering the person being cared for a safe and homelike environment for short term respite when the Carer has to attend to an appointment, needs or simply have a break.


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