Motivated by love

katrina's recoveryKatrina was only 19 when she had her first child and experienced postnatal depression. As such, she remained in the family home where she got the support of her parents and a loving close-knit family.

However, when she fell into depression after her second child, it took her to Graylands Hospital where she spent a prolonged period of time.  Her mother parented her children while she was away.

On her discharge, and with two small girls (2 and 4), she had lost all her energy and motivation. It was difficult for Katrina to manage her lethargy and find enough energy to be the mother she wanted to be.

She wanted to be a good mother to her children and knew she needed to get her life back on track.  In fact, her long time goal was to live in her own home with her two girls, and she was determined to take steps towards her own recovery.

Her journey started by joining the local gym and participating in Zumba and Body Balance classes 2-3 times a week.  She spent time learning to shop for ingredients and to cook nutritious meals.

Motivated by her children, Katrina began learning to budget, and worked hard on improving her parenting skills.  She signed up for parenting classes where, twice a week, her children would be dropped off for some interactive activities.

More and more Katrina began preparing food for her children and her confidence in cooking grew. Today, she has applied to do voluntary work at the local “Vinnies” store and attends a craft group at a local church where she is showing her creative side by making and selling 3D cards.

The change in her has been nothing short of inspirational.  

She continues to work towards taking more responsibility for her children and securing long-term accommodation.  She knows it’s all about her girls and there is no doubt they will one day be living together independently.

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