Listen: Mental Health Week - Neil Guard, CEO

Richmond Wellbeing CEO, Neil Guard speaks to Jenny Seaton from Curtin FM on mental health week events, mental health recovery and building a total wellness approach, combining positive mental and physical health, for people from all backgrounds and cultures.

Listen here

Listen: Mind Matters - Marlene Janssen interview

Mind Matters - interview with Marlene Janssen from HVNWA, on the 5th of August 2015, with the Sattler Files.

Marlene has had an incredible journey, going through school and university with depression and anxiety, before suffering a workplace injury that lead to an eventual change in perspective through Richmond Wellbeing.

Listen on SoundCloud below:

Dancing Away Isolation

Meet the women dancing their way to mental wellness. 

CAWN video

Click here to watch the video interview with The West Australian, 12 Sept. 2016


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