Rachel Perkins OBE Comes To Perth

Rachel PerkinsRichmond Fellowship WA is proud to present Rachel Perkins - arguably one of the world’s most prolific and influential voices in mental health Recovery.

Rachel will lead a series of workshops and events that aim to encourage the WA mental health sector to rethink the existing mental health service model from one that reduces symptoms to one that rebuilds lives.

While Rachel has a background in clinical psychology and 30 years experience working in the mental health system, she is also an expert by experience and continues to use mental health services for her own well being.

Such a perspective gives weight to her involvement in a number of significant UK Recovery-focused initiatives and programs, including the inaugural Recovery College and 'Implementing Recovery Through Organisational Change' (ImROC) program, for which she is a senior consultant.

Rachel believes that services throughout the world are facing the challenge of better promoting the Recovery of those whom they serve. 

“Recovery is not something that services or professionals do, it is a personal journey of discovery,” she said.

“The challenge for services is how best to assist people in their journey by fostering hope, helping people to take back control, providing access to the opportunities they seek and help them participate as equal citizens. Developing more Recovery-focused services is not adding another ‘intervention’ to our ‘repertoire’ but requires fundamental cultural changes.”

While in Perth, Rachel will address two fundamental questions:

  1. Why are we (services) here?
  2. What is the relationship between service users and providers?

Rachel believes that services have traditionally assumed that there is one set of experts - professionals - whose job it is to 'fix' people. 

“We need to rethink the relationship between services and those whom they serve, which involves exploring a different role for mental health professionals and professional expertise, redefining ‘user involvement’ with co-production in service design, delivery and development, exploring a different kind of workforce and different relationship between services and the communities they serve,” she said.

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