Mission and Vision

Our Purpose

To listen, respond and work holistically alongside people to support mental health recovery

Our Vision

A world where people are supported to recover, live well and to have a meaningful and contributing life

Our Values

Hope: We believe that people can and do recover from mental distress

Relationship: We work in a person-centred way, in partnerships, and are mindful to promote positive relationships between individuals, families, support networks, services, businesses and the community

Integrity: We work with kindness, respect, honesty, reliability and professionalism

Innovation: We always look for opportunities to innovate in order to lead the way in supporting mental health recovery

Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan is developed at a time of renewed focus on mental health by government and community, recognition of the importance of person centred models of support, and increased funding for service delivery through the non government sector.

Our strategic plan focuses on ensuring we are well positioned to address changing needs and respond to new opportunities.

View our Strategic Plan 2014 - 2016

Annual Reports

Find our latest Online Annual Report and past editions here.


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