Why Mental Health Recovery?

 “Recovery is an active process; you can’t sit on your butt and slide up a hill.”
Kellie Comans, Voice Hearer

There is no one path to Recover when experiencing mental health difficulties, and no quick fix to address experiences in its entirety.

Mental health recovery is about looking at what it takes to have a good life. It is a personal and person specific journey as everyone and every circumstance is different.

For some this will involve medication, for others it will mean working on self-esteem and self image or finding a place to be accepted in the world such that we might begin to accept ourselves.

People have for too long been told that a mental illness diagnosis is a life sentence – but the evidence says this is not the case.

There is a common misperception that a diagnosis of mental illness is a life sentence – we do not believe this is true!

As humans, we all experience distress. The important thing is that we can embrace the journey of wellbeing. This is what we call the Recovery Journey and, with Richmond Wellbeing, we don’t have to do it alone

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