About Richmond Wellbeing

Richmond Wellbeing (RW), formerly Richmond Fellowship WA, is a leader and key influencer in bringing Recovery into mainstream mental health practices. 

RW provides supported residential accommodation and support services in the community, for people who are on a mental health Recovery journey. We are a mental health organisation that takes its role very seriously.  

You see, we genuinely believe that People Can And Do Recover from mental illness and, by providing a Recovery-promoting environment, we integrate the key elements of Recovery with our service model to give participants confidence and skills needed to Recover from mental illness and meet the daily challenges of life.  

All our programs are underpinned by this belief and continue to be inspired by those who take the Recovery journey.

Our History 

RW is part of a network of Richmond Fellowship organisations throughout the world; the original founded in 1959 by Elly Jansen in Richmond, England.  

Elly believed that people recovering from a mental illness would benefit from living in a supportive community setting. As a result, she established a community-based house for ex-psychiatric hospital consumers that offered both support through skilled counseling and assistance to face the demands of life outside of the hospital/institutional setting.  

In 1975, Elly and many members of the West Australian community established specialist mental health organisation, the Richmond Fellowship of Western Australia (currently Richmond Wellbeing).  

The Commonwealth Government, the Lotteries Commission of WA and a bequest by the late Mrs Ruth Downer provided financial assistance.

Since then, RW has continued to grow and today provides a range of support services to people in various residential settings throughout the Perth metropolitan area and south west.

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